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Our mission is to revolutionize the banking sector to make people better and we are searching for a Go developer who wants to take part on this project. By joining Moneway as Go developer, you must take care of the back-end application, the quality and robustness of your code, but you must also be able to move fast and to iterate quickly. You have to keep in mind our vision of “Community & Product first”.


The back-end is written in Go and uses microservices. We’re using Kubernetes and Docker on AWS to run our services. We also use ScyllaDB for most persistent storage and Kafka for our asynchronous message queue. The code is hosted on GitHub, so you must be familiar with Git.

If you see something here that you’re not expert level or even relatively skilled at, that’s okay, you can learn it all here!


Most of time, you will work in total autonomy, so you have to solve problems in the way they feel is best. Autonomy does not imply to be alone, you can ask for help anytime by using emails, Google Meet, Slack or directly by exchanging with your teammates.


Moneway is very flexible regarding your work schedules: your day doesn’t have a starting and ending time. Only one thing count: the amount of tasks that you will execute and terminate. So you are free to WFH (Work From Home) several days a week as long as you can spend around 50% of your time in the office.



  • Code with Go
  • Follow clean architecture
  • Propose new ideas to improve the product
  • Assess the impact of your ideas
  • Review and comment on your teammates’ pull requests


You should apply if:

  • You want take part of the banking sector revolution.

  • You are excited about IT and more particularly about Go and distributed systems.

  • You are familiar with Git and GitHub.

  • You are curious and love learn new things every day.

  • You enjoy work with teams that solve complex challenges.

  • You are mobile (driving license).

Bonus points for (but not essential):

  • You are familiar with other programming languages.

  • You contributed to open source projects.